Ode on Melancholy

The poem “Ode on Melancholy” I am going to relate it to the song of Gustavo Cerati, “Adios”. This song is about two lovers that suffer from melancholy, but the message that comes with this song is that melancholy is not related to depression. For example, in the decade John Keats wrote this poem, melancholy was an illness, was seen as something terrible, but as Gustavo Cerati, he could see that it wasn’t a feeling that people should abolish, is something they should embrace. “Pones canciones tristes para sentirte mejor”, this is a phrase in Cerati`s song, I could realize that Cerati could relate sadness that was caused by melancholy to a feeling that made people feel better.


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  1. Pat dijo:

    Incredible connection! Lovely!!
    Thanks for bringing Cerati to my memory one more time!

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