John Stuart Mill


Explain the relationship of the given inteñlectual with the european society changed by agricultural and industrial revolution. Explore the interpretation of society and their way of intervening. 


John Stuart Mill was a british man who lived during the Industrial revolution of Great Britain. In this essay we will develop his background, life and ideas, to see what his relationship with the Industrial revolution was. 


In Great Britain during the XIX century, a lot of social changes took place, linked to the Agricultural Revolution that boosted the Industrial Revolution as well. For instance, it existed a semi feudal society, that was composed mostly by landlords and peasants. There was an abuse of power from the landlords towards the peasants. They worked for the landlords, they had to pay to work the land and the landlord took away most of the crops. That ended when privatization took place, land was turned into a commodity. That changed the way society was built up. Great Britain eliminated the landlords and the traditional peasantry that was an obstacle to achieve the new organization of society. The abuse of power was eliminated as well, and society was keen on turning the peasants into free wage-workers. 


Stuart Mill’s ideas were connected to the liberty of people and their individualist relationship with the others. These social changes fomented the liberty of the peasantry and they started working to make a profit for themselves and not for others, also the businessmen that replaced the landlords were keen on making profit. Furthermore, a capitalist system of production, commerce and profit was produced. Moreover, economists supported the idea to take away the economic burdens and barriers to the bourgeoisie for them to develop a free production process. These social changes triggered migration to the cities, fomenting the Industrial Revolution due to the urbanization. 


John Stuart Mill was born during the agricultural revolution of Great Britain, on the 20th of May of 1806. His father was a very prestigious politician and philosopher, and because of him, science a very young age (3 years old), he started learning and studying various things. He belonged to an important part of society, he was from the English intelectual class. His father wanted him to take advantage of this and get a good education, for His son to spread his ideas. Because of this he was very strict with him, which created a relationship full of tension between them. 


Stuart Mill was against his father’s ideas. He believed they only were negative for society. So when he started thinking with his own mind, he realized what he believed in, individualism. And he stranded in the positive side of things, not like his father which stood on the opposite side of the matter. He had Bethams ideas very present on his theory. And he took the good parts of Bethams ideas to make his own. He focused on how these two ways of thinking could have a positive impact on society and its ways. Mill found himself in the idea of the individuality of men and women. He believed in the universal suffrage, for everyone (no matter if the person was a men, women, poor or rich) and he also believed that because we are all equal to the law, people should the same rights and obligations. 


Mill had a unique interpretation of society. He believed in private property and private thinking. In other words, individualism. Mill believed people should be able to express their opinions and though. Moreover, act upon them. He encouraged diversity meaning that he wanted people to have different opinions or as he said different sides of the truth. 


Mill did not only encourage being yourself or having the courage of expressing your opinions but he believes it was crucial and essential for people’s wellbeing. However, Mill’s freedom had to have a limit because if not society would be chaotic. The liberty of a man ended when the liberty of other one started. Comparing it with the european society changes by the agricultural and industrial revolution, we can see differences and similarities between the society and Mill’s way of thinking. 


To begin with, workers were free as Mill proposed. Secondly, there was more migration to the cities, urbanization developed, and the Industrial Revolution was boosted. This means that people were free to move wherever they wanted, do whatever they wanted and work wherever they wanted as Mill said. Thirdly, there were no limits of production, therefore, the bourgeoisie had no limitations. Mill wanted people to be able to express their opinions. In the pre-modern societies, the opinion of people of third estate was as important as the opinion of animals. But, with the elimination of traditional peasants and landlords the thoughts of everybody became important. Lastly, the semi-feudalism to private land, wage workers, and businessmen. This meant that Mill was an enthusiastic of this new society, he is expressing how he supports this new way of society. Mill is not critical here but fully supportive. 


In conclusion John Stuart Mill believed in individualism, which was connected to the Agricultural Revolution of the 18th century because people started taking care and acting as separate people or individuals, and not as a group of people, everybody started thinking  about themselves at that time. 


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Songs and Literature

Activity 2 

The Manic Street Preachers – If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next

Activity 3

  • Manic Street Preachers are a Welsh rockband formed in Blackwood in 1986. The band’s early albums were in a punk vein, eventually broadening to a greater alternative rock sound, whilst retaining a leftist political outlook. Their early combination of androgynous glamimagery and lyrics about «culture, alienation, boredom and despair» has gained them a loyal following and cultstatus.
  • Here is a video of the band playing the song.
  • Literary devices: “The future teaches you to be alone/The present to be afraid and cold” personification of the present and the future. “And if you tolerate this then your children will be next/And if you tolerate this then your children will be next” anaphora, in the chorus that sentence is repeated twice to emphasize.
  • Theme and tone: Death “Bullets for your brain today”, pacifist tone “But I’m a pacifist”, it complains about war; warning “And if you tolerate this then your children will be next”; pesimistic “The future teaches you to be alone The present to be afraid and cold
  • The song is about the Spanish Civil War and the soldiers that were sent to fought in there. It is about the violence practized in that time. I believe is well expressed and it really makes and impact on the person that listen to it, since it makes people aware of the situation and it helps them to think about the future, in this case it express the future as the children. British young men went to fought against the fascists, and the propaganda that led to so many recluctants for the military force was a picture of a dead child with an airforce flying above her.

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Connectors and linkers

Task 2

If you are an urban dweller, you may know the real meaning of urbanization. However, this does not always indicate your sufficient insight in the “uncontrolled urbanization”  topic too. To form a causal chain, it is right to say that more jobs, more services in the urban side and absence of land in the countryside force people to migrate to larger cities which brings about uncontrolled urbanization. In consequence, some problems arise such as unemployment,inadequacy of infrastructure/services and some environmentally unwanted events as well as unpleasant demographic incidents.


Furthermore, it is a good point to dig up the reasons for people to come to larger cities. First of all, by all accounts, cities are perceived to offer a wide variety of job opportunities on the grounds that there are very different branches of  businesses in cities. Inasmuch as unemployment level is hugely high in the rural areas and the work is only about farming in contrast to countless business sectors in chief cities, more and more people choose searching for their chances in the metropolis.


Moreover, comes another significant reason: There are better services in cities. As a matter of fact, transportation is extremely developed so as to make use of time efficiently. Medical services are supported with the latest technological improvements, there are unbelievably modern hospitals. Also, education is taken into account seriously. There are very high-quality schools with excellent teachers, teaching with up-to-date techniques. None of these can be found in the rural areas, at this stage.


Due to factors causing migration to big cities, there is a strong push factor stemming from absence of enough land. It would be very hard and useless to cultivate the land if it is too small to make an agricultural production. One important thing triggers this incident increasingly during the last years; namely, division of land. To explain, in the rural areas when someone dies, the inheritance would usually be the land. However, the land is divided into many parts due to the fact that in the countryside it is common to have lots of children and they all have rights to take one part of the inherited land. So, what they get are useless small lands rather than a gigantic land which is capable of making a great deal of agricultural production itself. The inability to do the only thing, farming, again brings about migration to big cities with the hopes of making money.


As mentioned earlier, all these facts and figures necessitate uncontrolled urbanization, in the midst of the causal chain. But, what are the side effects and drawbacks of this growth?


Task 3

Play the game on connectors, leave a comment with the answers and we will give the correct ones in a week!


By: Lucas Campion, Ignacio Maestro Malek, Rosario Vago
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To the Evening Star

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My expectations for 2019

The year is just starting, and is my last year at school. I have new subjects and new responsabilities. I expect to be prepared for university and to choose a carrier that I love and I am passioned about. Moreover, I will enjoy all the time that I spend with my friends, since next year I wont be seeing them every day for almost eight hours. I expect not to sit for any subject in december, and I will put all my energy in studying and learning everything I can. I hope to take advantage of the way Las Cumbres teach us, since is a good preparation for university. 

As regards my friends, I wish we have a great time at our senior year trip, and to have a great party to have a clousure of this long stage of life that we shared together. 

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E-portfolio, last post

This year we had worked with the e-portfolio, our teacher made us relate the poems or stories we`ve read with something that was familiar to us, or do our own reflection about the poem/story. I believe this is a good way to understand what we read since we can compare it with something we already know, so we can reach and understand the message of what we have read more easily. I enjoyed doing the e-portfolio, comparing poems with each other and with songs I hear every day. I usually not enjoy the questions we have to answer after reading something, I believe is not an interesting way to understand the poem, but I know its necessary. I think the e-portfolio is the best way to learn and analyze, I don’t know how to improve that idea!

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Ode on Melancholy

The poem «Ode on Melancholy» I am going to relate it to the song of Gustavo Cerati, «Adios». This song is about two lovers that suffer from melancholy, but the message that comes with this song is that melancholy is not related to depression. For example, in the decade John Keats wrote this poem, melancholy was an illness, was seen as something terrible, but as Gustavo Cerati, he could see that it wasn’t a feeling that people should abolish, is something they should embrace. «Pones canciones tristes para sentirte mejor», this is a phrase in Cerati`s song, I could realize that Cerati could relate sadness that was caused by melancholy to a feeling that made people feel better.


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Dulce et Decorum Est vs. Soldier, Rest

These two poems tackles the theme of war. However, their messages are not the same. In “Soldier, Rest” the author transmit a sense of peace that can be reached by death. He conveys death as a infinite sleep. The author tries to convince the soldiers to give up their fight and just die, since that way they would be able to be at peace.

On the other hand, in “Dulce et Decorum Est” the message of death is different, it tries to convey death as something holy, that war gives you honour and is something amazing to die for your country. The poem ends with the phrase “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” that means that it is sweet and proper to die for one’s country. However, it is ironic, since the author conveys death as something horrible, he describes the death and the images that got stuck in their head when you see people dying around you.

I believe that “Dulce et Decorum Est” sees the reality of war and the horrible death, but tries to hide it with the last phrase I mentioned above. Furthermore, “Soldier, Rest” conveys death as something that could release you from the suffering of war.

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War Poetry

In Berlin, a city destroyed and fragmented by the Second World War, we can see, as in war poetry, the sequel that remains latent in the streets.

I want to compare the destroyed minds and the sequels that war left in the soldier’s minds with the physical sequel in a physical place, like Berlin. In this city, the remains of the war are modernized. There is remains of the Berlin Wall, painted by citizens, and the Holocaust monument.

In war poetry, many soldiers had problems to continue with their lives, psychological problems appeared and in some cases, they are still latent.

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The Destructors

This story reminded me of a song, “Destruccion” by V8. This song was composed in 1983, people like the singer of V8, showed their feelings through the music. They thought the only solution was destruction, and suffering:


“ Que la decisión
del juicio final
será la solución, destrucción

Parece mentira, tanta estupidez
tanta hipocresía, tanta tozudez
gente en la miseria eso es lo que son
conformando el planeta
del yugo y del dolor

Sé que la decisión del juicio final
será la solución…”


The members of the band blamed the society and the government, the kids of “The Destructors” lived in a fragmented society, and they are in a gang thanks to that. They destruct because of all the physiological damage caused by the war, and the members of V8, thought destruction was the only way to show their feelings.

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